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Outlaw Espresso

Outlaw Espresso

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coffee bean image Dark Roast

Are you a badass, looking for something buckin delicious? This Outlaw Espresso breaks all the rules with a meticulous blend of coffee from around the world. Experience our 6 Bean Espresso the way it should be, bold, strong and smooth.

Whole Bean or Ground, it's great for coffee brewed as Espresso or in a Percolator, Press, Drip, Moka Pot or even in Cold Brew. Bold, Strong flavor with low acidity

*Grind Type: Fine. 

Craft Roasted & Shipped Free to you for Peak Freshness.
Satisfaction Guarantee: No Bull, we'll make it right.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Outlaw Expresso

Our favorite. Love all the different Cattlemen's Coffee

Cati B.V.
Wake up yer inner outlaw with Cattlemen's best!

I have been ordering coffee from Cattlemen's coffee since December of last year. I tell everyone I know about it and declare it the best coffee in the country, and I mean it. I have tried several different blends, but outlaw espresso is my favorite, it warms my outlaw heart.

I grew up in Idaho and moved to Georgia several years ago, every time I receive their coffee in the mail it feels like a gift from my western home. It is so fragrant that you can smell it through the shipping parcel. This ain't no belly wash (western slang for weak coffee) neither!
Wake up yer inner outlaw or cowboy and pour you a cup.


The perfect espresso! Love it.

Hubby Loves it!!!

My husband loves coffee and now has one he can drink that does not give him a sour stomach, plus he says it tastes amazing!!! Happy Hubby means Happy Wife. :)


Everytime I try a new flavor, I love it! This is my new favorite along with Bullshit. So good!

Amazing Coffee

Love this. The taste was excellent and not bitter twang that usually comes with espresso. Already bought more.

Rebecca H.

This expresso has a nice bold , rich flavor . I could smell the coffee from the shipping package even before opening it ! Definitely a favorite of mine right now .

Janet R.
Your Go-To Blend for the perfect espresso beverage!

That’s right! You CAN be the perfectly caffeinated yet refined rebel with this deeply dark and delicious delicious espresso brewed to perfection either straight up shot after shot cowboy/cowgirl style or use it to make the perfect latte or cappuccino. We’ll keep that part a secret, but your smile might give it away! Drink up and conquer your day!

Michele P.
Best coffee ever!!

Have had the Cowboy coffee too and it’s very good but Outlaw coffee is my new favorite!!