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Reviews from Cattlemen's Coffee.
Based on 143 reviews
Desperado Decaf
Patricia H.
Best decaf ever!!!

I’ve tried many brands of decaf coffee and Cattlemen’s is the best.

Damn fine cup of Bull Shit

Just swapped from a different company. Want to support American made and non Woke company. Coffee was amazing and will be ordering again.

Mustang Mocha
Thomas D.
Awesome coffee

My whole family really enjoyed this coffee.


Superior taste with magnificent aroma.

A good cup of coffee!

Life is hard.... it's even harder without a good cup of Cowboy Coffee!

Outlaw Expresso

Our favorite. Love all the different Cattlemen's Coffee

Outlaw Espresso
Cati B.V.
Wake up yer inner outlaw with Cattlemen's best!

I have been ordering coffee from Cattlemen's coffee since December of last year. I tell everyone I know about it and declare it the best coffee in the country, and I mean it. I have tried several different blends, but outlaw espresso is my favorite, it warms my outlaw heart.

I grew up in Idaho and moved to Georgia several years ago, every time I receive their coffee in the mail it feels like a gift from my western home. It is so fragrant that you can smell it through the shipping parcel. This ain't no belly wash (western slang for weak coffee) neither!
Wake up yer inner outlaw or cowboy and pour you a cup.

Great coffee!

Love this coffee

Absolutely delicious!

Loved the smooth flavor. Makes my morning!

Great cold brew flavor!

excellent coffee

Bull Shit
Wayne H.
Damn fine cup of coffee

Got my first bag of Bullshit beans, made a couple of pots using a French Press. Excellent, smooth, unfortunately I've gotten old enough so, for me, to determine nuances in either aroma or flavor has been a non-starter.
Not drinking much coffee these days due the hot weather (never developed a taste for cold brew) but this coffee will always be in my mix according my mood. Some days I like a very dark roast, other, and more commonly, I like what Bullshit, as a medium dark roast, does to satisfy my taste in a morning cup or two.

Bull Shit
sal g.
good coffee

I was sick of all kinds of flavored coffee so i decided to go back to basics

Dos Vaqueros
Carol \.
Excellent Coffee

I need to order more

Eric B.
The wife loves it!

I bought the coffee for myself but the wife keeps using it. Great flavor and great price!

Darn that's good.

I was on the search for a new brand of coffee. After many minutes of searching tge web,, I came upon Cattlemens Coffee. Being a huge fan of Yellowstone, I felt....No, I knew I had try it and I have to say it didn't disappoint. I just ordered my 3rd bag and have decided i am going to get a subscription for Cattlemens coffee. They have won my business!

Palomino Blonde
Danielle F.
Great coffee!

Palomino has a great flavor and I will definitely order it again!


The perfect espresso! Love it.

Austin B.
A favorite of mine.

This medium roast has a very nutty, cashew-like flavor to it.

Bull Shit
So Good!

Hands down my favorite flavor! Absolutely love this one!

Mustang Mocha
Amber M.
Tasty Tasty Tasty

I’ve subscribed to the Cowgirl coffee for a while and wanted to switch it up. I started the Mocha and I love it just as much!

Outlaw Espresso
Hubby Loves it!!!

My husband loves coffee and now has one he can drink that does not give him a sour stomach, plus he says it tastes amazing!!! Happy Hubby means Happy Wife. :)


All the coffee we have tried from Cattlemen’s has been great, however the bunkhouse is our favorite.

Cowboy Coffee
Tanner F.
Delicious Coffee

The taste is rich and so flavorful! It definitely stands out compared to other coffees. Highly recommend. I plan on purchasing some more coffee from Cattlemen’s.